Trace and draw projector toy

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Baby loves graffiti, letting the baby develop creativity in all aspects of creation.

This Trace and draw projector toy enable your child to express themselves artistically.

This toy is a fun and easy way to draw!

Turn down the lights, switch on the projector, insert a preprinted slide, and trace away.

This electronic projector will project images that your child can paint along with the picture. It’s an intellectual toy, which not only can improve children’s ability to practice, but also a game.

Make playtime fun with this cute projector, this will help and encourage children to learn to draw, paint, and trace while having fun.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Jacky Walter

It’s good, but it doesn’t seem to be new

Jaida Haag

Trace and draw projector toy

Delbert Wolf

The box is not the same as in the photo. And the distraction was not included. I bought it, then changed my mind. I wrote to the seller to cancel the order, but he sent it anyway. Take this into account.

Una Goodwin

Exactly as described, my daughter loved.

Hailie Gibson

Small, the picture looks bigger but my son loved and see his happiness already just.